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Remember 1994? If not, remember Santelli! March 3, 2009

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Rick Santelli, of CNBC, and now famous for his February 19th rant against the PresBO government stimulus plan, posted these comments on CNBC.com yesterday (excerpt, bold is mine):

Many millions of Americans seem to agree with my position otherwise why would this “rant” be so much different than many of my impassioned comments of the past. Why would the Internet light up the way it did if people did not feel so strongly. The answer seems pretty obvious; the nerve I struck resonated across the country. I love my country and hope that the current administration succeeds in fixing the complicated economic and social issues our country now faces. Trillions of dollars of debt are being created without a commensurate amount of debate by all involved. And the idea that future generations unable to voice an opinion or vote may be saddled with mountains of debt through no fault of their own, is an issue too large to shirk from.

If one doesn’t agree with my opinions….I can respect that. It is very American to disagree. It is very UN-American to belittle or ignore the FACTS, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, or the voices of millions of Americans that demand better answers, more transparency, deeper accountability, and the simple idea that our elected officials represent all Americans. All Americans should be treated fairly and equitably as our government puts forth solutions. Mr. Gibbs, the President’s Press Secretary, said I did not read the Presidents Mortgage Plan; for the record, I did read the plan and listened to it live as President Obama was presenting it. Anyone who knows me or views CNBC regularly is keenly aware of the fact that I am exceedingly thorough in my homework.”

Santelli has it right, but more right than he might imagine. PresBO policies can’t stand the scrutiny Santelli gave them. And, as PresBO’s press wonk tried to dispel Santelli as uneducated on the issue, PresBO doesn’t like to be questioned about his dubious policy creations. PresBO is not change you can believe in, he is classic liberal dogma, in essence telling Santelli (and by extension you and me): “I know better than you. I own the moral high ground on all issues. You are just too stupid to figure it out.” Sound familiar? It should. It is Clintonian Doctrine 101. We are a danger to PresBO when we know better than he does and we take the moral high ground.

Santelli is not affiliated with “tea parties” quickly put together for last weekend, but he is the inspiration for them. It’s okay to disagree with PresBO. It is absolutely essential to speak out against government stimulus disguised as economic stimulus. It’s okay to debunk current opinion with careful study of the issues. However, that kind of study is a danger to PresBO and it is not one he will take lightly or allow without vigorous defense.

The vital next step is to vote out the Democrat stooges blindly following PresBO in the 2010 Congressional elections. That may not entirely stop the fast moving train of government stimulus, but it can slow it down.

Remember 1994? If not, remember Santelli!



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