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PresBO: No guts, all glory February 27, 2009

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Stinking up CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C.worse than an unattended latrine today was PresBO. Isn’t it odd that this no guts, all glory “commander-in-chief” can talk openly and often about a financial situation he inherited from George Bush (which he also inherited from the antics of Willy Bill Clinton, but isn’t forthright enough to mention), but not the victory in Iraq he’s inherited. This allows him to seek withdrawal of troops on a Democrat-inspired timetable.

From what’s left of The New York Times (bold is mine):

“During his speech, Mr. Obama credited troops who “got the job done” but gave no credit to the troop surge and associated strategy shift that he opposed in January 2007. He praised Ambassador Ryan Crocker as an “unsung hero” and Gens. David H. Petraeus and Ray Odierno as the “finest generals,” without mentioning Mr. Bush. His only implicit reference to his predecessor came when he said Iraq had taught painful lessons about how and when America should go to war.

“We have learned that we must always weigh the costs of action, and communicate those costs candidly to the American people,” he said. He added: “We must use all elements of American power to achieve our objectives, which is why I am committed to building our civilian national security capacity so that the burden is not continually pushed on to our military. We have learned that our political leaders must pursue the broad and bipartisan support that our national security policies depend upon, which is why I will consult with Congress and in carrying out my plans. And we have learned the importance of working closely with friends and allies, which is why we are launching a new era of engagement in the world.”

Take the last sentence to mean capitulation and compromise…consensus without pre-condition. That’s PresBO!

And here’s your new Congressional “leadership” (from NYT, bold again is mine):

“But senior Democrats, while happy that most troops will be withdrawn, are not completely satisfied. Congressional leaders in recent days have criticized the size of the residual force, even though Mr. Obama said consistently during last year’s campaign that he would leave troops behind for limited missions.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate majority leader, who complained Thursday that a 50,000-member residual force was too big, put out a more tempered statement Friday, calling Mr. Obama’s plan “sound and measured,” while adding that he still wants to keep “only those forces necessary for the security of our remaining troops and the Iraqi people.”

A person briefed on the closed-door White House briefing for Congressional leaders said Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the House speaker, was particularly upset about the residual force. She kicked off the public criticism on Wednesday by saying she did not understand “the justification” for 50,000 troops staying.””

Children of the drug addled underground to be sure. While it’s not healthy to believe that every challenge needs a military solution, it’s more unhealthy to believe there is never a challenge that requires a military solution. The balance is gone and we are left with leaders who believe the latter. This means more sales for Ambien CR, but little else.

None of the news reports included comments from the Marines subjected to the waterboarding of PresBO’s rhetoric. The liberal media isn’t interested in the whole story, just the one they want to tell.



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