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Stabilize this! February 20, 2009

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President Obama couldn’t slip in help for “community action” groups in his “government stimulus” package, so he put $2 billion of your dollars in the housing bill for them.

Political payback from the messiah of change.

Truliablog, a real estate blog, reported it this way (bold is mine):

“In a smaller separate program there is expected to be funding of $1.5 billion to help renters relocate who have been displaced by foreclosure and $2 billion to stabilize neighborhoods hit by high levels of foreclosure.”

The text of the President’s speech was this (bold, again, is mine):

“In addition, as part of the recovery plan I signed into law yesterday, we are going to award $2 billion in competitive grants to communities that are bringing together stakeholders and testing new and innovative ways to prevent foreclosures. Communities have shown a lot of initiative, taking responsibility for this crisis when many others have not. Supporting these neighborhood efforts is exactly what we should be doing.”

Who’s “we”? He got a mouse in his pocket? If it’s “we” the American people then I’ll pass on that. “Communities” can do nothing about the situation. Individuals acting responsibly can. Throwing money at his buddies at ACORN and other activist groups is simply political payback, another hand-out to the undeserving for the disingenuous. Community action groups do not (NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL) “bring stakeholders together” and aren’t interested in “innovative ways” except to line the pockets of leaders and financially support their pet pols.

The president’s a fool if he truly believes that about community action groups. And, I really don’t think he’s a fool which is why I say it’s political payback, nothing less, nothing more, and bald as it gets.

Keep the change.



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