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E-Verify? Not with gov’t bailout! February 11, 2009

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John Kass of the Chicago Tribune doesn’t need any help from me but I thought you should see this from his column today (bold is mine):

“With all the hoopla over greasy pork being stuffed into President Barack Obama‘s near trillion-dollar spending bill, it’s what is being cut out that’s receiving too little attention.

And once Americans realize it, they won’t be happy.

What’s been quietly stripped is a provision that would have required any businesses receiving federal stimulus cash to use an easy computer program called E-Verify to make sure that the jobs they generate go to American citizens or documented foreign workers, not illegal immigrants.

Democrats in the House voted for the E-Verify component. But when the great porkulus package reached the Senate, Democrats there dropped it.

Of all the garbage in the bill, there’s been little if any discussion about E-Verify. It’s so simple that the clarity of it all must insult those nuanced Beltway sensibilities. So what am I supposed to do with that half a loaf of uneaten Hopium in my desk drawer?

“It’s another example of why people distrust Congress,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who had pushed for an amendment to the stimulus package mandating that E-Verify be used to certify job applicants.

We spoke over the phone Tuesday minutes after the Senate narrowly passed its version of the stimulus package, 61-37.

I asked Sessions how Americans will react, once they figure it out.

“I think the American people will be furious when they find out about this. The Congress tells them one thing, and then in the dead of night, the Senate maneuvers around and does another,” Sessions said. “Those who know are already not happy about it. They see this as one more duplicitous act.”

E-Verify, offered free to all employers since 2004 as a way to combat illegal Immigration, allows employers to determine the legal work status of potential employees by searching their names and Social Security numbers along with other databases.

It’s cheap to operate, and more than 96 percent of job applicants are cleared by the program within minutes. This makes it almost impossible for employers to skirt the system and hire cheap, illegal labor.

But the House Democrats approved it and Senate Democrats peeled it away, a version of the old political con game played out in Washington to trick the suckers back home.

“They get to tell their constituents, ‘See, I voted for it.’ But they never really wanted it in the first place,” Sessions said.”

Dirty rotten scoundrels!



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