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Deportation Deluxe — Georgia Style February 10, 2009

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Steve Ramey is a conservative Republican in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He gives the spotlight to Sheriff Butch Conway, and rightfully so. Check it out (bold is mine):

“Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway deserves praise for working with  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in flagging 915 inmates in the Gwinnett County Jail for deportation that are in this country illegally.  According to a story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, of these inmates that have been flagged, 498 have prior criminal records.
I urge you to contact Sheriff Conway and let him know what a great job he is doing. Email – butch.conway@gwinnettcounty.com, Phone – 770-822-3140.

Inmates flagged for deportation were charged with the following offenses:

Murder 13
Armed robbery 28
Kidnapping 11
Battery 15
Felony theft 34
Felony drug offense 154

Theft of motor vehicle 7
City or county ordinance violation 37
DUI 48
No driver’s license 226
Other felony 45
Misdemeanor probation violation 55
Felony probation violation 42
Rape 15
Child molestation 23
Aggravated assault 38
Family violence battery 12

Misdemeanor theft 30
Burglary 17
Obstruction 9
Hit and run 6
Homicide by vehicle 1
Other traffic 11
Other misdemeanor 37
Note: for inmates with multiple charges, only the most serious offense is listed.
Source: Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department”

Thanks, Steve. By my count, illegals on this list committed 432 felonies. So, why are the bed-wetters protesting that this is bad and separates families? These people are in jail already separated from their families and society by choice! Send them back to their country and let law enforcement there deal with them.

There is a link on the right to the Dustin Inman Society. I encourage you to check it out and begin to understand the damage that’s done under lenient immigration policies of the two Bush and Clinton administrations.
Support Butch and legislators who support his work.


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