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Jay McGwire is a rat January 23, 2009

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“Deadspin.com reported Wednesday (Jan. 21, 2009) that Jay McGwire has been shopping a book proposal to major publishing houses that claims he introduced the scandal-stained slugger to steroids and that he also used human growth hormone.

In the proposal for “The McGwire Family Secret,” Jay McGwire says he used a $150,000 insurance settlement from a BB gun accident that cost him an eye to purchase steroids. Jay McGwire writes that Mark started juicing after watching his brother build himself into a 6-3, 320-pound professional bodybuilder.”

Okay, that’s enough of that. Rat-fink brothers count for zip in my book so I hope Jay gets no takers in his get rich on the back of his brother scheme.

Now, full disclosure: I am a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. I believe Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa brought baseball “back” in 1998 after the horrendous 1994 season and World Series that wasn’t. I am a McGwire apologist who believes he belongs in the Hall of Fame since it has not been proven that he did anything illegal (against MLB rules) during his career. During his appearance before a Congressional sub-committee he did not present himself very well and there is no argument with that assessment. Nevertheless, it is no different than Bill Bruckner muffing one grounder in the midst of a solid career or Jackie Smith being remembered for the one catch he didn’t make with the Dallas Cowboys instead of the hundereds he did with both the St. Louis Football Cardinals and the Cowboys in an otherwise Hall of Fame career. It was one moment, off the field, and McGwire should not be judged by that.

In my opinion, George Brett (Mr. Pine Tar) and Gaylord Perry (Mr. Spit Ball) are examples of guys who put up great numbers but, in my opinion, were helped by breaking the rules while playing. Both nice guys and chums with writers so they sit in the Hall. McGwire, not so much, especially after retirement, and he receives the Pete Rose treatment. It’s unnecessary and uncalled for.

Refresh my memory, when did the MLB institute its anti-steroid policy? It was 2002 best I recall. That covered how many years of McGwire’s career? Zip. His last game was October 7, 2001. If pine tar was bad for the game… If spitballs were bad for the game…and apparently they were… it didn’t stop players who could use them to further their careers PRIOR to rules outlawing them, did it? They are in the HOF, aren’t they? Then, give me one legitimate reason McGwire shouldn’t be there, too.

Not sucking up to a bunch of jock-sniffing sportswriters is the REAL thing that cost McGwire his place in the Hall. That’s sad.

And you wonder why readers walk away from newspaper and magazine sports columnists and reporters and migrate to airhead blogs like this?

It’s no wonder.



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