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Inauguration Day is for suckers January 21, 2009

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It is simple to ignore what you believe is not relevant. Presidential inaugurations fit this category. After all, what mattered was who was elected and what matters is what will be done. In the parlance of the gambler, Inauguration Day is for suckers.

And I don’t say that lightly. I have witnessed only one inauguration day since I was able to vote (Reagan, 1981) and one as a child (Kennedy, 1961). Thus, my track record speaks for itself. My belief is that it’s not what’s said at the pep rally that matters, it’s what follows that matters most.

I believe President Obama is a socialist at heart. I blogged about this frequently during the campaign and I will believe until he proves me wrong. He has chosen Clinton-era retreads for his Cabinet. One, if he were you or me, would have earned prison for tax evasion. Not in the eyes f this president. It earns him a Cabinet post as head of the IRS.

I do not dislike the president because of his race. If that were true, I could have chosen and could choose a more white region than metro Atlanta to live and work. I didn’t and I won’t. Ethnicity doesn’t frighten me. Socialistic and ultra liberal positions and policies do, regardless of what race or gender espouses them.

I will give this president, as I have each before him, the opportunity to demonstrate leadership. He will stand or fail on his own merits, nt based on any judgement I pass on him. However, since he has decided to accept this position, he will endure the minute scrutiny his immediate predecessor endured. It will not be pretty. I sincerely believe MSNBC will be out of business in two years without President Bush to beat on every day.

I think you will agree that John Lennon was not the most politically conservative man during his time on this planet. So it is intriguing how one of his lyrics resonated with me often during this campaign:

“If you go carryin’ pictures of Chairman Mao

You aint goin’ make it with anyone anyhow.”

As a candidate, the president’s followers cast him in  Mao/Che art and for someone like me who was predisposed to dislike the man, these were disconcerting images. That he seems to want to call department heads “czars” is not helpful, but instructive of what I believe the theme of his presidency will be.

Prove me wrong.



1. coffee - January 21, 2009

The inauguration ceremony // after party looked like quite a get-together — i’m sorry i missed it

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