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It’s simple, effective & politically incorrect January 4, 2009

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Step out of the way and let Israel take care of its business. If Hamas wants terror, then Israel can perpetrate all it needs to exterminate the cockroaches (that are Hamas) who intend to harm Israelis. It’s that politically incorrect and simple: I don’t want to see civilian casualties but if the choice is the enemy’s civilian casualities or mine, I’ll make it theirs. If major conflicts can find resolution in that simple plan, skirmishes with cowards should be dealt with the same.

While I’m at it, I might as well suggest carpet bombing Afghanistan until the Al-Qaeda and Taliban cockroaches scramble in the light and whoever wasn’t killed in the dark can be otherwise exterminated. Rebuilding Afghanistan is cheaper than endlessly playing cat-and-mouse with cowards and allowing them to upset normal life for the innocent.

Finally, I hope the new president will take care of business in our own hemisphere and deal swiftly with the Communist revivalists in Central and South America. If that means starting with blockading Venezuela, I can live with that. I’ve got no problem trading with Commies. I think we should have normalized trade with Cuba decades ago. However, if they now feel bold enough to beginning exporting their brand of tumult, I say jam it up them where the sun don’t shine and make sure they have little taste for that adverturism in the future.

Prove me wrong.



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