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Just Sit November 8, 2008

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I waved off the server, no dessert tonight.
Deciding it was better to move outside, light a cigarette, and sit.
Just sit.
That’s not allowed anymore, really,
even in the throes of a slacker nation,
mere sitting is equal to laziness or inactivity, and
God forbid, taking a handful of moments and deciding to sit,
it’s just so careless.
And so it is in the era of cutting back and conservation
in the face of so many who urge me on to a new age liberality.
My cigarette and I are not conflicted
as we mindlessly burn, glowing hot but softly.
I can speculate on the nature of this,
I know the pundits and bloggers will even if I don’t,
there’s too many voids to fill, too many noises to make,
too much to be made of the mundane to let anything pass.
It could make me a star, if the time is right,
if I’m seen at the right moment by the right people
as they scan, cinematic eyes, glassy and gleaming.
I’m not tired or in the midst of some intense emotional storm,
I decided just to sit.
Something that will likely be criminal in that not-too-distant
Terminator-Blade Runner-Escape From New York future
we’ve been told for decades to prepare for.
Sometimes there is no preparation.
No amount of practice can prepare us for certain things.
So, take a moment, or a handful of moments,
and just sit.



1. Jolie Porter - November 8, 2008

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