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John McCain for President November 1, 2008

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Much has been said and much more will be said from today until the polls close on Tuesday. As bitter as it seems – As divided as we appear – One comforting fact is that there will be a peaceful transition of government. It surely was bitter for George HW Bush to hand things over to Bill Clinton as surely as it was bitter for Clinton to hand things over to George W Bush, but it was done without strife, gunfire, burning and looting or a military take-over. The good news: the transition will happen that way again, whether it is President-elect John McCain or Barack Obama.

Until then…

My hope is that those who have remained steadfastly undecided will decide for John McCain when their time in the booth comes around on Tuesday. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with competence and character, both lacking in Barack Hussein Obama. That would be the same if his name were Joe Smith, Yao Wong, Judith Jones or Jose Gomez. Lack of character and competence knows no racial, gender or ethnic boundary.

And that should be sufficient, but then you can include his choice for vice-president, Joe Biden. Mr. Biden is wonderfully entertaining, often refreshing in his candor, but utterly dangerous on the world stage if he is next in line to the presidency. Say all you will about Sarah Palin, but she has been an executive, as a mayor and governor, and John McCain would provide her a stable of solid advisors if she had to step in. I have no fear of her blabbing off nonsense like Biden has a record of doing.

Even so…

If you are undecided today, or as you enter take your ballot on Tuesday, consider the primary issue at stake: national security. No, it’s not about the economy this time, no matter what the media has been spoon feeding us over the past 60 days. The Democrats created the mess anyway so you certainly can’t trust them to move us beyond it. This time it’s about national security and John McCain is best suited to answer that call. He understands the military and the global political situation more clearly than Obama-Biden have demonstrated during the campaign. Iraq is a “mistake” says Obama and his Democrat-Socialitst colleagues. If you still believe that, watch this:

Young men and women VOLUNTEER to ensure you and I can safely go to our supermarket and Starbucks and to our offices and schools EVERY DAY. Does that mean every possible catastrophe will be averted? No. It means with John McCain at the helm we have an excellent chance to KEEP THE BUSH RECORD OF NO DOMESTIC ATTACKS SINCE 9/11 INTACT. I will sleep better knowing John McCain is our President. I will walk the streets and drive the roads believing that he is doing the best job of thwarting any terrorist mischief from within and without.
On Tuesday, exercise your common sense and elect John McCain our President to preserve our nation.


1. Harried - November 1, 2008

You said it all. Could not have done better myself.

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