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Debate: No gaffes, next round September 27, 2008

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If you liked John McCain or Barack Obama going into last night’s debate, you still do today. The undecideds may not be any closer to choosing who to back, but there are two more debates, so a hasty decision is not demanded. Plus, the VP candidates will spar on Thursday. That may be most interesting since we’re not sure how Sarah Palin will look (here’s hoping keeping her under wraps and rehearsing will help) and we hope Joe Biden will come up with more of those “FDR went on TV during the Depression” quotes that make him so entertaining, but hopelessly useless, to Democrats.

The only thing I took away from the debate that was in any way “new” was Obama talking like a hawk about tracking terrorists down in Pakistan with or without the assist of its government. If you forget about his record to the contrary, and his belief that we should sit down with people like Iran’s Ahmadinejad without pre-condition, it is certainly something I’m glad to hear from him. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t square with who the man really is by any stretch of the imagination. In short, I don’t believe him. I have no evidence that it’s a credible statement coming from him.

And, Obama pointed out that McCain said in the past something along the line of wanting to vaporize North Korea. However brazen that sounds, I have about another half-dozen nations that should be on that list, too. Political correctness be damned! Obama, again, is uncredible when talking about the world affairs and, as McCain pointed out, both naive and dangerous.

Other than that, I figure we all heard what we wanted to hear. There were no gaffes to speak of and so we go to round two. My hope is that the Dems will be digging themselves out of another hole after the VP debate suffering from a Joe Biden riff or two that brings them down a couple of notches.



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