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Defining Moment: This Presidential Election September 23, 2008

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Over the past two and half centuries there have been many defining moments in our nation. Some of them have been presidential elections. In my lifetime, there have been three: Kennedy vs. Nixon, Carter vs. Reagan, and the one we are presently engaged in, Obama vs. McCain. We can argue Gore vs. Bush should be included since it went to the electoral college and whether or not the post-9/11 approaches would have differed between those men, but it’s really too fresh to think about it in this context.

This election was supposed to be Carter vs. Ford. The Republicans had so botched the job that there was no way a Republican was going to be elected. Why, even a Georgia peanut farmer would do a better job! Simply put, this was the year the Democrats were going to re-take the White House, no matter who they put up. Plus, Hillary Clinton was the heir to the throne. She would be unbeatable as a true liberal dressed in moderate clothing. She would have no trouble handling whatever candidate the GOP laid down before her. In brief, this was her election to lose.

Well, she lost it. And, today, it is not certain that the Democrats, led by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, two of the most liberal senators in that chamber, will be able to convince the American electorate that they are clearly the better choice. Add to this that challenger John McCain has a record as a moderate, reaching across the aisle consistently to produce legislation, and has been ahead of his opponents on everything from the military, national security and the economy, and that sure thing, like 1976, has evaporated quickly for Democrats.

All of that is bad news enough for the Democrats, then McCain picks Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Who saw that coming? Even conservatives were surprised! But, since her selection, the conservative base of the GOP has been energized. All of those lukewarm McCain supporters who did not feel at all sure about him (me for one), forgave him quickly and jumped on board. A 44-year-old mother of five and conservative, gun-toting, moose-hunting hockey mom? God does work in mysterious ways! In this case, it might not have just saved the McCain candidacy, but the nation, as well.

Conservatives seem harsh and unforgiving to liberals and many in the cold gray middle. After all, we see good and evil, right and wrong, heaven and hell. We don’t spend alot of time contemplating the middle. There are moments in history, however, that call for such an approach. 1980 was one, 2008 is another. If you for one moment doubt that Reagan would have pushed “the button” if Iran had not released our hostages, you are mistaken. He didn’t call the Soviet Union the “evil empire” for nothing, and he saw the Berlin Wall come down as tribute to his efforts. The stakes are even higher now, and the outcome must be, as Reagan said, “We win. They lose.”

My liberal friends don’t want to hear that. They believe, that due to our strength, we should negotiate without condition. They believe talk will move us to common ground. Nothing could be further from the truth. Syria, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, and Venezuela, to name a few, will only understand complete destruction, rapid and permanent. They only want to talk while they prepare for our destruction. We must be first to strike. Obama will not do that if he’s president. His world view is too skewed by academics and gadflies to seriously consider this course under any circumstance. In contrast, McCain and Palin fully understand what is at stake and, I believe, will use every measure that their disposal to be sure “we win, they lose.”

That’s why it’s not a Democrat cake walk this year. It should have been 1976 all over again. Put up anybody against the Republican and you win! Something is happening on the way to the coronation.



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