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The patriotism feared by liberals September 20, 2008

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I didn’t write it but it must be read so here it its:

“The patriotism feared by liberals isn’t the standard American-flag-pinned-on-your-lapel-patriotism (hardly anyone other than Barack Obama is against that). The kind they are afraid of is that which was stirred in us by the attacks on Pearl Harbor and again on 9/11—the kind that motivated Americans of all races and political persuasions to pull together in the duty of our common citizenship and the common cause of enduring American ideals. Liberals are threatened by such patriotism because they worry that their position—their belief that they, rather than we as free people, are the better rulers of our lives—will be usurped by a rebirth of Thomas Jefferson’s understanding of self-reliance and independence. They also worry that an increase in such patriotism will continually motivate men from all walks of life… to join our military and fight for the preservation of this great nation. It’s hard to convince men who are risking their lives in service to this nation that this nation isn’t as good as it once was or that we need to turn the reins of our government over to Democrats so they can rescue us from ourselves by ‘the audacity of hope’.” —A.W.R. Hawkins, columnist for HUMAN EVENTS



1. Mike - September 20, 2008

This really is some of the worst bullshit that I have ever read, at least since the latest stupidity that Chuck Norris wrote over at WorldNutDaily.

The idea that Republicans represent the ideals of Jefferson is the most ridiculous as since 9/11 they have been taking away our civil liberties in the name of security and fear of terrorists. Lest you forget it was a Republican administration of draft dodgers who lied us into this war, barely done shedding their alligator tears over the dead in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania before trying to figure out how they could use the tragedy to get back into Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein.

When the lies were uncovered by he 9/11 commission and in revelations that the Nigerian Yellowcake was a sham, the Republicans turned the reason for the war from “Saddam was a threat” to “Saddam was bad to his people,” or “If we don’t fight the terrorists over there they will fight them over here.”

Do you even watch the campaign, as the Republicans demand that we don’t attack McCain because he was a POW only 4 years after distributing purple heart band-aids to mock John Kerry’s service in Vietnam? Have you watched the events of the last few days as a Republican administration is engineering the largest socialist buyout of the financial markets since FDR? All of a sudden, when the wealthy need a bailout, government is no longer the problem, it’s the solution and the Republicans won’t admit the role of Gramms and Greenspan in leading to the current crisis.

You may hate liberals, and so you feel free to impugn our patriotism but who is it that dares to question an overbearing administration that taps our phones without warrants? Who is it that justifies torture? Who is it that dismisses habeas corpus?

You insult the liberals who have picked up arms in defense of our country, as much as Rush Limbaugh did when he (who escaped service in Vietnam because of a wart on his ass) called an Iraqi Vet a “phony soldier.” You insult the memory of Pat Tillman, an anti-war liberal who nonetheless felt it was important enough to serve his country that he gave up a multi-million dollar contract only to get killed by friendly fire and have the incidents of his death covered-up by an embarrassed Pentagon.

The patriots question their government, it is the phony patriots like Hawks who buy the Bush line hook, line and sinker and then call us unpatriotic, or as Ann Coulter (who also never bothered to enlist) says calls us “traitors.”

You post this without comment, so it is entirely possible that you point it out to show how ridiculous conservatives are, but I doubt it.

2. vsap - September 21, 2008

Your doubt is correct. I applaud your point of view, but punctuating it with swearing wasn’t necessary no matter how passionate you feel.

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