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God is back in the mix! September 10, 2008

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“When liberals start acting like they’re opposed to pre-marital sex and mothers having careers, you know McCain’s vice presidential choice has knocked them back on their heels.” – Ann Coulter

I’m not here to adore Ann Coulter. Today I want to give space to Peggy Noonan. Whose open mic situation on MSNBC notwithstanding, has shown to be a reasonable columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of some renown. As an observer she recently stated:

“Let me say of myself and almost everyone I know in the press, all the chattering classes and political strategists and inside dopesters of the Amtrak Acela Line: We live in a bubble and have around us bubble people. We are Bubbleheads… And when you forget you’re a Bubblehead you get in trouble, you misjudge things. For one thing, you assume evangelical Christians will be appalled and left agitated by the circumstances of Mrs. Palin’s daughter. But modern American evangelicals are among the last people who’d judge her harshly. It is the left that is about to go crazy with Puritan judgments; it is the right that is about to show what mellow looks like. Religious conservatives know something’s wrong with us, that man’s a mess. They are not left dazed by the latest applications of this fact. ‘This just in—there’s a lot of sinning going on out there’ is not a headline they’d understand to be news. So the media’s going to wait for the Christian right to rise up and condemn Mrs. Palin, and they’re not going to do it because it’s not their way, and in any case her problems are their problems. Christians lived through the second half of the 20th century, and the first years of the 21st. They weren’t immune from the culture, they just eventually broke from it, or came to hold themselves in some ways apart from it. I think the media will explain the lack of condemnation as ‘Republican loyalty’ and ‘talking points.’ But that’s not what it will be. Another Bubblehead blind spot. I’m bumping into a lot of critics who do not buy the legitimacy of small town mayorship… and executive as opposed to legislative experience. But executives, even of small towns, run something. There are 262 cities in this country with a population of 100,000 or more. But there are close to a hundred thousand small towns with ten thousand people or less. ‘You do the math,’ the conservative pollster Kellyanne Conway told me. ‘We are a nation of Wasillas, not Chicagos’.”- Peggy Noonan

Coulter may have said in two sentences what Noonan arrived at, but the latter did a necessary exercise in the delineation of the two forces at work in this election: the secular-driven community and the faith-based community. God is at the center of one and “this world” (all you can see, feel and touch) is the center of the other. I am a Christian and I do see the world as black and white, good and evil. Liberals like to harp on the “holier-than-thou” attitude of some of us and the “narrow gate” theology we believe in. It’s understandable, if you’ve intellectually accepted that there is no God, that you believe there is no place for this type of spiritual fabrication in the public discourse. So, you begin to dismantle any reference to God, and, over the course of the 20th Century, you are famously successful in doing so. What this has lead to is the slow, painful cancer-like process of literally burning the soul out of the nation. It is disingenuous to wonder why people don’t seem to care “anymore” when, if you simply gaze into the mirror, you are the perfect reflection of the failed liberal path we have chosen.

Noonan is correct to observe that we have decided to stand apart. However, this decision was made farther back than she might care to admit. It is an odd thing that God will sometimes allow us humans to dive deep into our excesses before pulling us out. In the Old Testament, Israel and Judah earned much of God’s wrath. And, while we’re a New Testament people, saved and forgiven, it doesn’t mean we are free from the responsibility of our excesses. Ultimately, then, we will be punished not because we aren’t saved, but because we were neither hot nor cold in the century past and the liberals were able to allow evil to achieve a foothold it could never have earned on its own. All as we watched.

Sarah Palin, with all her flaws, appears to be an offer of redemption of sorts. “If we can elect this godly woman to top office, maybe all isn’t lost for us!” At least, some of us think that. Coming from a humble place, the Savior could see life like the Pharisees, Rabbis, and Romans could not. They didn’t take kindly to His way. How could a boy born of a lowly carpenter speak with such authority? But so it has been through the ages, those not of “the manor born” can’t possibly be fit to lead. Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, lead? Impossible. Improbable. And, as far as I’m concerned, it’s fine that the liberals or secular humanists disbelieve in the audacity of hope that has unfolded in front of them in the form of Sarah Palin.

It’s true. For the moment we’ve set aside our differences with John McCain. Even better, we’ve pretty much set aside B. Hussein Obama and Joe Biden. But there will be other battles for other days in this war for the soul of America. If Palin has put the topic (soul of America) back on the table, and it has to be reckoned with at least within each of us if not publicly, then God will be delighted with the angst it brings.



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