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Newsweek: weak as water, listing left September 8, 2008

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Newsweek’s Andrew Romano in “The Perfect Palin Response?” gives a segway to Dems on handling the problem of Palin…

“Today in Green Bay, Biden effectively dismantled this notion. Noting that “it’s 2008” and not some sort of “time warp,” the Democratic No. 2 reminded his audience that “there are an awful lot of very, very accomplished women holding office that I debate, and we beat up each other every day in the United States Senate.” He continued: “Try debating Barbara Mikulski. Try debating Barbara Boxer. Try debating Olympia Snowe. So the idea that there’s a woman and somehow we go, ‘Oh, my God, I don’t know how to deal with this’ … the only guys who think that way have never been around strong women.” He’ll assume, he said, that Palin is “as smart as I am, as thorough as I am, and knows as much as I do”–and that’s that. “She’s going to have to answer questions,” he added. By tackling the specter of sexism head on, Biden has cleverly reframed the debate. It’s not “sexist” to hit Palin hard, he’s saying.”

Of course, the problem for Newsweek is the problem of MSNBC: blatant cheerleading for the Dems. For the latter, it cost Chris Matthews and Keith “Overthetop” those coveted anchor chairs for the balance of the campaign. NBC discovered, too late to save itself, that these two goofs had no business occupying seats of authority, anywhere under any circumstance. For Romano, he’s the only one who seems to think that Biden “cleverly reframed the debate” on sexism. You see, there was none from the outset. It simply shows when you have nothing, you fabricate, and then you find a quote to support your supposition. If this is journalism, or even critical analysis, then it’s just a half-notch above blogger status. The only difference being that Romano gets his check from a formerly reliable news magazine and a blogger does not.

Jim Acosta from CNN reports another angle from Joe Biden’s Green Bay ramblings…

“Sarah Palin has made a couple really good political speeches. She makes a very strong and confident impression. But Sarah Palin eventually is going to have to do what I do,” Biden said Monday during a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “She’s going to have to answer questions. She’s going to have to say where she wants to take America and she’s going to have to say what her record was and defend her record,” he said.

Bully for you, Joe! That’ll get her shakin’ in her fur-lined boots! If Biden has bothered to watch the gubernatorial debate between Palin and Democrat Tony Knowles, then he already knows she will have answers. What he doesn’t know how to do is run a city or a state. Long-winded intellectual diatribes on foreign and domestic policy do not win voters over…ask John Kerry. The northeasterners penchant for superiority does not impress midwesterners or westerners very much. Barack Obama may be a senator from Illinois but he’s as Illinois as Hillary Clinton is Arkansas. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, et al, haughtiness can have a very negative impact on us great unwashed outside the original 13 colonies, clutching to our guns and religion as bitterly as we do.

Acosta finishes with…

“It’s an old political adage that people don’t vote for the bottom of the ticket, but Biden versus Palin at this year’s vice-presidential debate may be one of the hottest political events of the year.”

He’s right. And if Joe is as good as he thinks he is and he destroys Palin in debate, we might need to re-group and assess the failure. But if she holds her own, which I suspect she will, with or without all the “answers” (as liberals define them), then Barack and Joe will lose much ground. The kid from Scranton will have been bloodied by the hockey mom from Wasilla. That would be joy!



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