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Palin by comparison September 2, 2008

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Is Bristol Palin running for VP? Is Todd Palin? No? Then, I’m done with that. Next case.

And, hey, Nancy Pelosi has five kids…anybody questioning her maternal instincts and her balancing home and work? No? Then, piss off.

Taking on Sarah Palin for decisions she’s made as a mayor, appointed board member, or governor is all fair game. When you have something substantive, then come back and see me. Otherwise, leave me here to bitterly hold onto my guns and religion…and anything else that might vex liberals and Democrats.

One final observation today: why is it the liberals, in this case disguised as protesters in St. Paul, are violent? Why is it important for them to be heard, and act upon their displeasure with violence, and no one else? Simple, they believe they own the moral high ground. Of course, they don’t. Their moral high ground is a vacant lot built on a landfill. This is the same liberal bunch, same family line generations removed, that caused problems for Democrats in Chicago in 1968. They killed that war and about 20 million Vietnamese died after the communists took over. What a victory for the liberal cause! I want everyone to remember that “peace at any cost” is very expensive…just not to the liberals who espouse it.



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