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Gustav, Dim Dems, Run RNC September 1, 2008

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The “perfect storm” or “storm of the century” is, right now, a Cat 2 hurricane. Nothing to be trifled with, to be sure, but certainly nowhere near Katrina status. That means, for all the media coverage, which is great for TV on Labor Day since we would be otherwise engaged, it’s kind of a bust. All the reporters who got the short straw, and those from the Weather Channel who live for this stuff, are pretty much standing erect in the face of the wind and rain. This is good news for the Gulf Coast and for that I am grateful. Having done some work in Gulfport and Biloxi, and knowing what they went through without much media coverage in 2005, they don’t need the grief.

Which brings us to Michael Moore, Don Fowler, and the stilted view of God some people have. Of course, Moore is a fat idiot so it’s not surprising he would say such a thing. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t know God if he stood face-to-face with Him, so figuring God is a Democrat or liberal presses beyond the limit of how stupid this man is and how incredible it is that some people still think he’s “bankable” in the movie industry. Common sense be damned, I guess. Fowler is a little different subject since you’d think he’s old enough to know better. Having run the DNC, he would have to understand that the mike is on and camera is rolling no matter what, right or wrong, private conversation or not. Yet, he says nearly an identical thing to Moore about the same time Moore says it. Does this reflect the general attitude of Democrats or liberals? If so, WOW! The surprise for them, and others who genuinely feel the same, should they remain unrepentant, is that the Pearly Gates lock from the inside and there is no “all inclusive” policy for entrance, no entitlement program whatsoever. All I can say is good luck with all that!

Now, on to some better news…

John McCain did the right thing choosing Sarah Palin. The weekend has shown a surge of interest and donations from the conservative base that he doesn’t much appeal to…me included. Experience? Mayor, Governor, state energy commissioner, I’m good with all that. Pro-life, pro-gun, “hockey mom” of five, I’m good with all that, too. Obama’s campaign shot itself in the foot claiming she is only a small town mayor, skipping the fact she is a sitting governor. Big talk from a ticket that only runs their senate offices and nothing else…ever! I have no doubt the VP debate will be more colorful that the McCain-Obama spars. Biden is so smug and smart, my bet is she disarms him and beats him over the head with the stick he brings to beat her up with. Even if she doesn’t, I’m happy. Also, I know that someone young, smart and vibrant will be there to take the reigns as President if something unforeseen happened. Joe Biden scares me alot…sometimes even more than Barack Obama, if that’s possible, because he could talk a subject to death while the Russians, Chinese and Arabs rush past him doing and not talking.

The RNC may be pared down. Not such a bad thing. Gustav will not have major impact, I don’t think, but it will subdue the party that St. Paul was hoping for when it got the bid. That’s OK. It’s best for the Republicans to stick to a conservative course, get down to work and move on…leading by example, ACTION, as opposed to the Dems empty and divisive rhetoric.



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