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DNC: Old Dogs and New Old Dogs August 29, 2008

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Last night was both predictable and magical at the DNC. Harry Reid gave his typical Bush-Cheney are war profiteers, purveyors of cronyism, and panderers to the most wealthy mantra to fairly tepid response. Patrick Murphy, the Iraq vet who serves in the House from PA, gave the second part of Reid’s speech: Bush abandoned vets at Walter Reed, spent money on private contractors at the expense of the troops, and became a photo op president. It’s hard to argue some of that, but it was more curious how tepid the response was to him. I suspect Reid simply doesn’t inspire people to listen more and Murphy was the night’s victim.

Bill Clinton was both clear and strong, almost a stark contrast from his campaigning for Hillary and the defensiveness that he had then, looking road weary and ill. Not this night. It was a reminder of why people gravitated to him rather than George H.W. Bush in 1992. He was on his game, blistering Republicans and making Barack Obama sound like his second coming.  The first speech with a discernible theme, Rebuild the American Dream and Restore American Leadership Abroad, it was stirring if not fact-filled. We can forgive the former pres for drinking too much of his own Kool-Aid since he was amongst fellow Kool-Aid drinkers. His glaring flaw was to blame Bush for Katrina when, in fact, it was generations of Democrat mayors and governors that shaped the havoc that ensued Katrina. I credit him for still being a master politician and engaging speaker…if you can forget he slept at the wheel while bin Laden brewed and he fancied sexual favors over any kind of policy debate for a long stretch, then, I guess you can say he was an okay president. (Not!)

John Kerry followed up weakly and I had to wonder how he was the best the Dems had four years ago. His “Bush lied, people died” rhetoric was old four years ago but he needed to point out that our country was wrong again, as it was during Vietnam. If you believe that, well, you suck, too.

Finally, Joe Biden made it to the stage and it was magic for the first few minutes. Telling his story and pointing out his mother. I don’t care if you are the most hardened John Birch conservative, he had you. His mother was a reflection of yours and mine and of the strong women you knew on your block, in your church and schools. After that it was the “McCain, More of the Same” and it came the closest to Brian Schweitzer as it could. Joe, the junk yard dog, Dash, emerged with what were the first of many salvos to come across John McCain’s campaign on the way to the White House. Good for the faithful, but the rest of us we kind of ho-hummed through it.

A Barack cameo at the end, which gave a glimpse of how poor he is on the stump, and everyone could retire to the nearest bar, then to sleep, per chance to dream, of Barack’s magical speech in the morrow.

Surly I jest!



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