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DNC: You need Brian Schweitzers on the ticket! August 27, 2008

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Random notes:

David Brooks of the New York Times called the DNC “banal” during a segment with Jim Leherer on PBS last night. See? Someone at the NYT has got it right. That’s one in a row!

US Senator Chuck Shumer (D-NY) shows that flare for being in touch with middle-class America by saying Americans “will accept” a tax increase once Obama is enthorned and with handmaidens of Democrat demogagues at his beck and call in 2009. Chucky said to Leherer on PBS last night, “The top 1% of Americans make 30% of the income and most Americans agree they should be taxed more.” Really? I admit the last thing I want is an Obama presidency. The second-to-last-thing I want is higher taxes on those who are doing well and, probably, supplying me with my comfortable middle-class living. I guess Chuck and a majority in the room at the DNC believe that, which should be sufficient to send them to defeat in November, but they believe other even more outrageous stuff which will likely sink them if the tax issue doesn’t.


MARK WARNER was the keynote speaker last night at the DNC. I lived in Virginia while Warner was governor and I must admit he did a Clintonian job of disarming the conservatives and working with them while still keeping his Democrat constituency reasonably happy. The speech was a set up to a Warner vs. Hillary Clinton primary battle in 2012 as they will try to defeat John McCain after his first term. It would be ironic, if Warner is elected to the US Senate this Fall, that he would then face Mrs. Clinton as a first-term Senator…deja vu all over again for the Hildabeast!

Warner didn’t say much of substance but, as a man in the cell phone industry for about twenty years he did say some odd things: “If we cover everyone [with health care], we will bring down the cost and everyone will be healthier.” What? Use the VA Hospitals as a model? And, “This election is not about liberal versus conservative, left versus right, it’s about the future versus the past.” I guess that’s his attempt at the “we are the world – we are the children” mantra Barack Obama espouses, but I never consider the present election in any other terms but the future. Brooks was right, banal. What did resonate with the crowd itching to hear Mrs. Clinton was Warner’s exclamation: “If you can export jobs to India, you can bring them to Danville, VA…” and he reeled off several medium-sized town names from across the nation. And, the story of bringing 300 new IT jobs to Lebanon, VA, was probably the most inspiring part of his speech.

BRIAN SCHWEITZER, Governor of Montana, was the only real spark of life in the place, finally getting the convention-goers to their feet with some old-fashioned political cheerleading.This is the kind of personality the Dems need to revitalize their broke down limo liberalism.

Then, there was Hillary. She was forced, insincere, and, I believe, holding back, saying what was needed but, like Mark Warner, eyeing 2012. She only moved the needle when she spoke of herself and her campaign. As I said yesterday about Ted Kennedy, agree or disagree, and I funadmentally disagree with Clinton, when she is on message, she’s very good. And, although there is no “i” in team, Obama had all he was going to get from a proud woman (she said it repeatedly) who garnered 18 million votes not for him. She is not really on his team. One disgruntled Clinton supporter even went so far as to say she thought 3 million “at least” will defect to John McCain. This speech would not stop them from doing so.



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