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Ted & Michelle: Hustle & Flow at the DNC August 26, 2008

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First off, regardless if you like or dislike Ted Kennedy, you have to give him credit for two things: 1) that he even made it to Denver to speak for seven minutes, and 2) his message never seems to change. Many of us would agree that consistency is a good thing. I could not disagree more with Ted Kennedy on 90% of his stands and opinions, but I have rarely seen someone so steadfast and stalwart in his beliefs. I think the best example, (and Kennedy is light years behind him, not even in the same universe ethically or morally) is the late IL US Senator Paul Simon. Barack Obama couldn’t even carry water on a Paul Simon team. Anyway, kudos to Teddy for having the courage and strength to show last night and spout the same tired crap he always has…it’s good to know some things never change.

As for Michelle Obama, all I can say is I really learned the value of first impressions listening to her speech last night. All I could think of while she was talking was the first time I heard her and saw her proclaim that this was the first time in her life she was proud of her country. All she did last night was act like a cat covering its dung in the litter box. I believe she wanted to come out flat and not too impressive: just the family story, loving daddy and the rest. Nice stuff, not memorable. Under that veneer is the same woman who just recently became proud of her country. I don’t buy it. I do believe she’s as phony as her husband, although I don’t think that’s what she was going for. I believe she was going for the wallflower speech. Blend in. Be forgettable and maybe people will forget their first impression of you. I did not. It only sealed it for me.



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