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Georgia On My Mind August 14, 2008

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Daniel Henninger wrote in today’s Wall Street Journal:

“Georgia is a microcosm of a world of nations now emerging from old systems. In that former, preglobalized world, the West’s great powers were on top, and everyone else muddled below. What Georgia represents is an independent nation that has worked hard to be part of the established civilized order, rather than contribute to the chaotic and violent frictions that seem on the verge of constantly overwhelming the world. Putin’s Russia is a manufacturer of frictions.”

All of it is accurate and Mr. Henninger can be forgiven for editorial space restrictions that didn’t alow him to elaborate more fully on Mr. Putin’s “comrades”: Syria, Iran, China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. These are the largest “manufacturers” of “frictions” in today’s world. Evil Empires? You know it. While it’s not politically correct to call them what they are, that’s what they are. These are nations chronically in third world status for a reason: their wealth, societal progress and attitude is produced by and for one group of people: those in power. We have caused them to “hate” us simply due to our liberty and that we would have the audacity to defend it…at least we have defended it historically. (Unlike the moveon.org crowd wuld have you believe, the world didn’t start hating us with George Bush II. It started with John Kennedy, but that’s a rabbit trail that can be traveled another time.) At the moment there should be no doubt where we stand on Georgia, Russia knows they can play us. This is not only regrettable, it’s dangerous.

The civilized order Mr. Henninger speaks of is that which demonstrates the tenets of liberty our forefathers developed for future generations to hold dear. Nearly 50% of Americans will have none of it. For them, patrioticism is truly the last refuge of a scoundrel and while they will tell you they love their country, like their current standard-bearer, Barack Obama, they do not. This is what Russia and its comrades see. This is what they act upon when they roll their tanks into Georgia.

If we are the defenders of the civilized order, then Georgian should be on the top of our list to defend. Take some firepower out of Iraq for a couple of weeks, push the Russians back to where they belong, and threaten them with real action if they continue their naked colonialsim. Unfortunatley, I have little patience for the evil empires and strategic military atomic bomb blasts during the Olympics while China is pre-occupied would take the likes of Syria, North Korea and Venezuela out of the equation quickly, and, if not “forever”, close enough. Let’s face it, that’s all Russia is doing. Russia knows we’re pre-occupied with the Olympics, Iraq and Afghanistan, they can slide this one in, easy. And so it would seem, they are right.

Take out the “fricitions”, you eliminate massive amounts of grief in the world. This is not the time for talk, it’s the time for action. Terrorists and state sponsors of terror only understand military strength, brute force. We have restrained ourselves much longer than we should and destroying evil should be our singular goal. Let the Obamas talk, let the American people take bold, decisive action now.

The Bible is clear on this: Joshua obeyed God and he succeeded. We need to be equally in prayer and equally obedient as Joshua. If you don’t know what Joshua did, and why we need a Joshua today, pick up the Holy Bible right now and find out. Let’s give Georgia, and its sister fledgling nations, a chance to survive the frictions.



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