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This Time (Isn’t Held Together By Myth) August 2, 2008

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

This time isn’t held together by myth, vapor of talk, abundance of scarcity,

Instead it is seated in a truth too real to be believed, too much to comprehend,

Pushing us to use any elixir, serum or antidote to quiet ourselves, our insides.

Then there’s an Audacity of Hope, a bridge of sighs over a nameless chasm,

Across an empty abyss, like in the movies, like your favorite action hero,

Leading man or heroine, making the other side against all odds, all of them,

And, half awake, we recognize them intuitively, without embracing

The moment, trusting our belief that this is the past intruding on the present

Leaving us to die, or worse, to die and be alone, to die and forever be lonely.

Lighting a cigar is simple, easy, and smoking it can be endured and even

Pleasurable, without knowing why, without understanding why we know this

Yet we search for a reason, we wrestle for an explanation, it’s the right thing

After all, isn’t it right to pour out soul and heart, to bleed, be bleeding out?

Not necessarily so, we were children together in a compact neighborhood,

In a place of alleys, gangways and maybe a vacant lot for ball of some kind,

Brothers would hang there and spout their faux-wisdom they picked up

From peers or fathers or a buddy’s older brother, no matter how dumb

And with no regard to the credibility of their assertions or “experience.”

It is a level playground, we believed, so we accepted that and our world view,

Such as it is, emerging from that neighborhood, those instructions,

those people.



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