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High School Graduation May 24, 2008

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There are mile markers in this life that serve as reminders. High School graduations are one of them. There was a time when this mile marker was significant to most.  Today, it is only to some. It is always significant to this year’s participants. This may be the first major fork in the road for many. They grew up with this group of people and the prospect of going off to college can be frightening. It’s exciting, too, to get a chance to be your own boss, choose your own things and schedule rather than them being chosen for you. And, today, in the midst of graduation parties and a cascade of well-wishing, the responsibility for this new found authority is set aside. A task for another day. For those who just wind up at this school, one of many as they grew and mom or dad were transfered from here to there, it’s not quite so significant. Yes, they’re buoyed by their current friends, the “homers”, and they look forward to it, but their sights are already set to the next thing. That’s the way their lives have been, never thoroughly rooted, no permanence expected or granted. They were actually began their mental separation by the second semester of their senior year. Especially those not in the running for any particular sports or academic honor. They look at this part of the graduation ceremony as regaling the already regaled. How much more congratulations does there need to be? We know the most handsome, beautiful, athletic, scholarly, and they know it, too…let’s move on, is the way it is. Is that jealousy or envy? Sure, to a degree, but it overworks the obvious: most don’t make their mark in high school so why go to all this trouble for the precious few? Mail the awards and cut an hour off the ceremony, that’s all they ask. The leaders arise after high school, since the pond is small and the big fish are obvious. In the world, whether college or work, that’s the big pond and if you think you are a big fish going in, you soon discover other bigger fish who snap at your tale or eat you alive. That’s the humility we all need to truly lead…to truly graduate.



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