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Never Happened April 26, 2008

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Excuses abound and friends abandon each other

like lunch yesterday never happened, like the shared vacation last year

never happened.

Yes, we all have responsibility to self first in this business world,

experience teaches that promises are vapor, like breath hanging

in a Chicago January day, like paper wrappers blowing down I-94.

Never happened.

Trying to remain valiant and altruistic, maybe a little naive,

it’s easy to be hit by that metaphorical Mac truck missing its red light

and the consequences lay heavy upon those unaware, unprepared.

Even the eyewitnesses see it differently, their perspectives shaded by

their pasts or simply the angle of their view and even they say,

“I don’t think I would have done anything different.”

Never happened.

So the boss gives the white knight speech, it’s all for the best,

new goals to pursue, new horizons with new sunrises and sunsets,

and while all of this is true, when the moment arrives,

there’s no level of education, no worldly wisdom that releases the pain.

Sure, there’s humiliation, recrimination, fright, loss, and anger.

And it is the last one that is replayed on the tv news all the time.

Lose your job, go “postal” – a bad rap for the Postal Service since

it doesn’t happen frequently there at all anymore. Sound-bite history.

The thought of unemployment offices and rejection from others

in the industry half the time makes the postal option appealing to some.

Most, however, simply choose to suffer in silence, sometimes alone,

separated from family, never again willing to trust a friend or colleague,

those bastards who so easily dispose of the people who open themselves up.

The users use the fools and the fools have nothing to use.

So much for honesty, integrity, and a little ego and ambition, sadly,

none of those things can feed a family or move a career along.

Yet, finding a way is all we have. Rugged individualism colored by

tough love and as the severance package is read to us we think

“Never happened”.



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