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More Than Enough Time To Repair April 22, 2008

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I look around my office, the brass armadillo, Blackberry, calendar,

framed pictures of various shapes and sizes reminding me

of someone, some time, some place in the past.

The Keyboard, LCD screen, mouse and speakers

that are usually alive with Pandora or Live 365 while I work.

And it’s easy to think, “How mundane,” as you ask yourself

if it’s all worth it, if it has any significance, any meaning,

but I’ll leave that for the pseudo-intellectuals and debutantes

in Buckhead of Atlanta or the Gold Coast up in Chicago,

or down Tribeca or Chelsea in Manhattan, since I’m not hip,

and possess only the middle-class version of sophistication.

I know nuttin a no hip-hop, word, ya know, ya feel me?

So, it’s best to leave the high-brow and lo-brow alone to themselves

and, having staked out the middle ground, I’ll defend my flag.

The hum of lawnmowers in Spring, the sputtering of an old car

someone up the block decided to get out of hybernation and try,

and it is trying on our ears and in our noses as the burned oil

hangs in the air like the DDT of the misquito spray of my youth.

Don’t let them tell you the neighborhood hasn’t changed, it has,

it does, in a continuous procession, linear like time, flat earth

baby if it ever was, this is it, and this is the life I chose.

These things don’t choose you. You choose them.

I could have stayed in garage bands, maybe even caught on

once or twice with some luck.

I had the chance to run for office, Elected! Like Alice Cooper

urged or like the politician the Byrds and Cream sang about.

I could have taken the five, six or seven-year-plan for college

but I was in a hurry to get to life, like I knew what it was,

but I already chose it and it would be years before I realized

what I had done, what I do, each and every day.

Dreams don’t die if you never really have them.

You sell out early and spend your time trying to get back

a piece of what you lost, what you so ignobly gave away

when you were young and had more that enough time to repair.



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