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Beachcombers at Pompano April 18, 2008

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There’s this thing about Florida, beyond the old folks from up North,

beyond the Cubans and Everglade trailer dwellers, beyond I-95,

though tied up in them all, too.

It’s the first place I could lay on the beach for more than a few minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love LA and Manhattan Beach is the best,

but I can’t rest for the volleyball games and freak shows passing by.

It’s not that way here, at least not in the warmth of April at Beachcomber.

It’s a palace to me, a throw-back, maybe, to others, but its Pompano

and what else could you possibly need? It’s like Vegas, you’re never in your room,

and the ambiance is in the wind, sand, surf, and the quiet competition of the boys

struggling to improve their shuffleboard game. What else could you need?

Wind surfers glide by and the wind brings them quickly out of the water

now and again and they crash in the surf, but jump back on the boards

and off they go drifting south, may to Lauderdale or all the way to Miami.

I don’t think twice about sitting here for hours even without a book or other

artificial distraction, maybe its the palm trees and sand or just the fact

there’s no pollen to keep me from enjoying the scene and running for the AC.

Whatever it is, I never thought of why people might like this, but it’s obvious,

the snowbirds need the warmth, the surf dudes and dudettes need the water,

and us sandpeople like the feel between our toes knowing we go back

to the hills and flatlands and there ain’t no sand except down at the quarry.

Beachcombers at Pompano is as close as beach nirvana as there is in April,

there’s no chamber of commerce that could script this moment

so maybe it’s time for a cold one and a little imagination.



1. shasha - May 19, 2008

“beachcombers” that is a good word presentation.

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