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Empty, the barren sky April 2, 2008

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1. This Prison

Empty, the barren sky, a cloudless void

color and texture drained away, it could be desert-like,

it could be arctic-like, and we can furnish the scene either way

it is nothing like a dream and much like that purgatory lying

between waking and sleeping. colorless, almost gray,

a cloudless void, the barren sky, empty.

2. Holiday Rambler

Clutching my chest at first I thought my heart was failing

and it will, finally, some time when I least expect it, when

anticipation will be high for the future, whatever it will be then,

and I will be thinking of my holiday, that place, those places,

I will travel when the world stops pursuing me, stealing my time

and I will walk the roads I choose when I choose them, and

I will be in no jurisdiction, I will be no man’s charge, I have

no commander to drill me, push me, lead me, I will lead then,

and, eating rattlesnake and alligator as I can, I will deliver myself

from the mundane, the every day, that rhythm that kept me alive

year after year and I will see the cities I’ve heard about, I will climb

on mountains made by God, not those man-made mountains

such are spreadsheets and systems and motives of a man,

a man too invested in himself to even contemplate walking away,

believing his own PR, craving the spotlight, accolades of his peers,

accumulating pride and a wealth of self-worth, setting aside humility,

asking compassion and justice to take seats in my waiting room

rather than seats at my dining table or bring them in for a moment’s rest,

not me, not now, too full of myself to lift an arm to wave them in.

It is my holiday, damn it, mine, and no one gets to steal it this time.

3. Your Poison

Don’t we drink of your poison every day?

Your reckless emoting putting scorpions in play

and we reach for you to stop and you cannot.

We try to talk you down and you will not,

it’s the least you can do for these brothers

and if not for them, their sisters and mothers.

Take your poison and go back to your dragon’s lair,

let us be at peace, contemplating the beauty and the fair

and forgetting your shadow and what you have done,

take your poison, right now, and run.



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