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Probably March 12, 2008

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, Uncategorized.

I was probably, you know, not ready for the heat,

and then I found myself in your kitchen not able to keep up.

Sweat was probably, you know, just sowing what I reap

and soon enough I was searching for water for my cup.

Hawai’i is probably, you know,  what I can say left me in a heap

but how is it that not even gunfire can make you shut up?

Chelsea was probably, you know, where I learned to ooze or seep

and even at funeral I laughed when you didn’t avoid the cut up.

Then it was probably, you know, that blinding light before the end

that saved my life, pulled me back just once more.

It was probably, you know, a message God had been waiting to send

but I seemed one step ahead of him and out the door.

So I probably, you know, need to give it a rest and find a friend

and make some repairs and get this old wax off the floor.

Probably I could make it a clean break and, you know, bring this to an end

because I’m fast getting to the point I can’t stand it anymore.

Probably should tell her good-bye.

Probably, you know, tell the truth and save the last lie.



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