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The Side Of Vegas That Don’t Pay March 5, 2008

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I stayed off The Strip in Vegas and it’s just another desert town.

The real people who live there seem bitter and ground down.

One cabbie said, flat out, “This place sucks. I’m gone in six weeks!”

After just three years he was tired of the crime, the heat and the freaks.

Another said he came from Hollywood, “You know, man, LaLa-Land.”

And he was returning since Vegas didn’t turn out like he planned.

“They show you the glitz, don’t tell you about the crime and low-lifes.”

And he told me of the slum apartments, late night guns and serious knives,

and that good people can’t make it in Vegas, but who knew?

He’ll be gone by summer and no one will have a clue.

If you’re a high-roller, celebrity, or someone with lots of flash

then I guess this is the place you can part with your cash

but don’t take your losses out on the pit boss, waitresses or valets

or maybe you’ll get a chance to see the side of Vegas that don’t pay.



1. Ted Newkirk - March 21, 2008

Actually, the people you describe above are the people who moved here with stars in their eyes. Thinking that the living was easy and making a six figure income was as simple as applying to park cars for a living.

These are also the people stupid enough to live within a mile or two of The Strip, where some of the worst slums and bad apartments do exist. Everyone else in town chooses to live in the “normal” parts of Las Vegas where you don’t run into tourists nor need to be in the distant glow of the hotel lights.

The occupied area of the Las Vegas Valley is over 30 miles wide and top-to-bottom. The “happy” people are living miles from The Strip, are established, have been here a while and tend to enjoy it.

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