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Scorpion Love March 3, 2008

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, Uncategorized.

She is a kind of free range chicken

and he is Southern bootlegger looking for revenuers

or so he likes to believe and this sort of low grade

conspiracy theorist is not to be dealt with like a schoolyard bully

and she isn’t the type to walk away until his nose is bleeding.

Her mother didn’t bother with maternal nurturing so it’s no

surprise to see her play out like a pair of loaded dice on a slanted table,

and it’s no surprise to see he couldn’t resist her if he tried.

He didn’t. He wouldn’t. And, as the last train pulled away he wasn’t on it.

Here he stands and you and I can’t explain it and he’s in no position to

argue or conjure some spirit that might inform or consult him.

She is like most women, at one moment opaque, the next, transparent,

but her long red hair and deep blue eyes captivate everyone she meets

and they all become jealous of the time with her and who can blame them?

It is all the worse for him, all love-struck and crestfallen and beguiled

with words that remained stuck in his throat, mostly unspoken.

Lazy and careless are her most endearing qualities to him

and he wouldn’t be able to handle her if she was somehow otherwise

as sad as that is, he is stung and bleeding and happy for it all.



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