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Observers, Contingents February 18, 2008

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History doesn’t round off the corners, it sharpens them,

and we get caught by the shirtsleeve every time.

The observers are not docile though they don’t appear awake.

It’s a misguided notion to believe observers never act.

Observers they may be, but not bystanders, not hapless pedestrians,

but there is a contingent out there that believes this, that knows this

to be true, and is betting on the drowsiness of every observer.

The contingent is working night and day, not stopping, in its dogged

way to complete its mission, accomplish its goal, it is the kind of

machine that recoils at failure and will not spare its young or its legions

when an opportunity is missed, when a deadline is unmet.

Their mistake is that observers know the contingent is there

even when they can’t be seen, can’t be found where they work.

Observers don’t have regard for conspiracy theories, they know

where conspiracy is practiced and they know what the contingent

can’t, just as the contingent can’t afford to be known.

Observers do what they do, vigilantly, quietly, until the moment arrives

to reveal the contingent for what it is and drive it back underground,

scarred, but preparing to attack another day.



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