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No Ordinary Girl (3) February 12, 2008

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She took the proffered cigarette with a healthy degree of skepticism

in her eyes but, like all smokers, there was the fraternal gratefulness

displayed with that little wisp of a smile, gone just as quick as it

came, and I settled back in my hard plastic chair wondering if I’d ever

feel my ass again or my left leg, which was in need of any kind of blood flow.
She drew in the satisfaction and dropped her eyes back to Oprah.

I had enough of sitting and I decided to stand and look out the window and

up the tracks, the dark was overtaking the scene and I figure we were

going to be at least six hours late into Dallas, maybe three if things went well.

I can see her reflection in the glass now that the darkness outside allowed

the window to become a mirror and I study her as she studies her magazine.

This isn’t summer so you can’t know much about her physically, it all comes

through in her face, gestures, mannerisms, the way she holds her cigarette,

the way she shifts during her sitting trying to make the hard plastic comfy,

and failing with each attempt, then attempting again.

She rolls the cigarette ever so slightly, nothing the mom and her boy would

notice, if they weren’t so pre-occupied that they’d give a look.

At one moment she looks feminine with it, soft fluid movement,

light touch, and then the next moment she’d pull it away from her face

like a truck driver who’s mad at it and will stomp on it with a vengeance.

But how could that be? I don’t know what could make her stir but this much

I know, she’s no ordinary girl.



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