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The Folds February 10, 2008

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, Uncategorized.

The folds of my brain are getting flabby or maybe just a little dry

from the useless information left there.

It’s not like the sock drawer or the stack of old magazines

you can discard or reorganize at will but this brain,

it can set aside but it will not forget, not really, not when pressed.

So when I see a video from my hometown featuring the adopted son

of a woman I knew in another life, it’s somehow shocking,

if not revealing or particularly practical to my current situation.

It’s a reflection of what the years do to you and you don’t notice

until something like this and then all those little shockers in the folds

come to life and you are transported to places you haven’t been in

decades and you’re seeing faces otherwise forgotten—yesterday

they weren’t even under consideration, but now, you’d like to get them

on the phone or find their email address and just say hello.

Sometimes the years soften things, sometimes they are much harder

than they were and there’s no explaining any of it.

It’s like listening to that Todd Rundgren record you always liked

and it was your friend on some lonely nights in college and maybe

even after you got your first apartment and you had the time.

The folds that seemed empty are now filled like the difference between

midnight and rush hour on an Atlanta expressway. Almost too much

to navigate but it’s too familiar to be afraid for long, you just ride.



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