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Perfection is over-rated February 4, 2008

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Well, it’s not easy to go undefeated in this life,

in business or sport or love or friendship.

Perfection is over-rated since its the county fair’s greased pig

and the ultimate drug that God bats from the hand

a moment before euphoria, a moment before injection,

before the sweet burn that has lifted someone from obscurity to legend,

in his own mind at least.

Most of us only know the personal stage, the struggles with

job and family, dabbling in politics and religion, maybe a romance novel

or two but we couldn’t begin to imagine if everyone

critiqued our performances, second guessed our every move,

personal and professional, and had no shame in publishing it

with whatever outlet would accept it, usually for money,

but sometimes it is just for spite or notoriety, that sickness

now permeating the free press.

Bear Bryant was quoted saying there are no moral victories,

well, for a college football coach, he may have had it right,

for the rest of us not beholden to alumni, academic frauds,

and the whim and whimsy of those we recruit, if it weren’t for

moral victories, there would be none at all.

Every play counts in this league, too, but it is not shielded

from the mundane realities we desperately need to survive,

it is steeped in them.

So, I don’t revile the less-than-perfect, I laud them for their effort,

for the desire to best others when they have bested some so far,

for the balls to take the next step without worrying over failure.



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