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No Ordinary Girl (1) February 2, 2008

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She sits with arms folded, cigarette smoke dancing lightly from he left hand,

O! magazine opened and held with her right, studying as if there would be an exam.

She gives a small nudge to her frameless glasses, revealing the cigarette,

then looks at it as if she’d forgotten it was there and takes a manly draw.

She’s been doing this awhile, I thought, but there’s no way of knowing.

This isn’t O’Hare or Hartsfield,  it’s not even a decent restaurant in Queens,

it’s the St. Louis Amtrak stop, not even a station anymore.

She extinguishes the smoke on the floor, picks up the butt and decides to

take it over to the trash bin, I suppose, because I’m sitting there, and

there is no reason to victimize someone else with carelessness right now.

She isn’t particularly tall, maybe five-five, and not unusually thin, maybe

a hundred fifteen or so, with typical blonde streaks interrupting her

otherwise striking auburn hair. I would be stunned if she is twenty-five.

It’s cold, outside and in, and she’s wearing what is best described as a

poodle coat, short length, very late 70s, maybe early 80s,

if I remember anything of fashion, so she’s either “transitioning” or

it’s the best the budget will allow, after all it’s Amtrak not Virgin Atlantic.

I hardly stir, my legs and left arm beginning to tingle with the onset of numbness,

but I rustle my Post-Dispatch and shift without my eyes leaving the page,

she may not know I’m on to her, but she’s no ordinary girl.



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