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Dem Republic Can Post-Pardum Political Blues January 30, 2008

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So much of this stuff is dependent on dorm room riffin, I mean, damn,

there is nothing you can make of it without the beer and cigarettes

and the girls who float by but by then it’s back to the issues and

there’s these talkin points, and, I mean, I don’t know, it’s playin me,

this time, for real, and I can only sit back and hold my breath because

this ain’t no Cloverfield, damn, this is real and it means something,

the free world hangs in the balance, soldiers lives, the CIA, NSA, FBI,

all them and you and me, but we can’t just sit here and contemplate

we need action, like the old man always said, “I want to see assholes

and elbows, and I don’t care about your excuses, tell em to your mama.”

I didn’t get it then, now I see his point, but who can we run down,

who will put legs under these things, ideas, hopes, aspirations? Who?



1. Seth Atkinson - April 22, 2008

ketapang febrific otarian serosity chantress augur disinsure holothurian
Lideborg, Mats

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