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Honey Molasses Rolls January 27, 2008

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, Uncategorized.

Baking honey molasses rolls on a fresh spring morning,

I sat with my coffee steaming like the water around Seattle

and I heard what I thought was a robin mourning

although it could have been a jay making the undergrowth rattle.

I was in no position to investigate as curious as I might be

the inertia was greater than the will to learn so I let it pass,

but I wonder if the lone robin anxiously clinging to the pine tree

understands its partner’s fate and learn to let it pass.

Likely, since life goes on for one even if the other is gone

whether by natural causes or foul play or divine intervention.

The robin, the jay, they all know the nest in their own songs

and there is no guile, no agenda, guiding their intentions.

I absently stir my coffee with a plastic stirrer although its black

and I listen to the wind, whiff the barbecue from up the street

and I see the tall pines get taut then with the breeze go slack

but honey molasses is calling me back to sneak a treat.



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