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The esoteric from the ordinary January 20, 2008

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Taxicabs, brownstones and subways give way to neat suburban lawns

and eventually you find yourself out among the tetons or redwoods

or driving through some rolling hills or Georgia’s pine forests and

you have to wonder what is the lure of the city but you still go back

Tall buildings, glass, asphalt, concrete, fire truck sirens, ambulance sirens,

police car sirens, steaming sewer outlets, and the thump-thump of

loud rap music coming from passing cars, black and white

and the new sandanistas are busy taking America without firing a shot

well, mostly, and yet everyone tries to escape his barrio

which reminds me of the entertainers I’m related to in San Antonio

and the ex-Army intel cousin who still has a jones for DC

then there’s those who escaped to Florida, and me, down in the ATL,

while most of the family is married to life in southern Illinois and St. Louis

it’s quite a travelogue even for the natives who never moved away

I left the talk-singing to more talented people and I ply the free verse trade

trying to generate the esoteric from the ordinary

with the usual results.



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