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Special Dispensation December 31, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, Uncategorized.

There is ice in this chilly climate and here, as winter begins, the talk circles

back around to drought, and the hemorrhaging of the economy and a local sport franchise,

but I don’t seem to be able to concentrate on any of it and I leave it like so much

half cooked fish that was meant to be sushi but the chef decided too late.

Smoking a cigarette, propped against a brownstone on the Upper West Side, I ask myself

damn it, man, can’t you quit at least one bad habit for the New Year?

And, of course, I have no intention of releasing any of my Joneses, they are too comfy

with me and I have no compelling reason to let them go, save myself.

I let the dreams, those ghosts of Christmases past, haunt me for a moment and

I wave off the future as so many smoke rings, looking real then disappearing

in this cold New York air, that I wouldn’t replace with Atlanta or Miami,

although I can see the point of abandoning the winter permanently, the

four seasons being over-rated, the drone of freezing people who would like to escape.

But not me, not now, and I say that with every season, and I have now for these

twenty years and eighty or so seasons, but I’m not looking for a merit badge or

special dispensation, although I admit I’d like its benefits from time to time.



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