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I won’t forget Jon Mark and Johnny Almond December 31, 2007

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I won’t forget Jon Mark and Johnny Almond and the music they played

and play even today on my USB turntable so I can listen while I work.

A voice was never more velvet and a flute never so soaring and dancing

than this music, even a little scratchy, as it comes through my computer speakers.

It’s another time, another place, college, maybe, when the time wasn’t so scarce,

when the drama would subside and offer a rest and I could listen to Jon and Johnny

and I wouldn’t even miss work or be late, I could just relax.

Why does it take so long to admit the speed of life overtakes you, sucks peace

from your soul and makes you defer the things you know are best,

for their flimsy replacements, the recalled Chinese toys of your soul.

But today, for now, I can listen to Jon and Johnny and live in that moment again,

or a similar moment that I allow for myself right now.

This is midnight in the brightest sense, no matter how low the music might go,

no matter how deeply the lyrics might probe, I allow it.

I allow it.



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