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Bhutto went down in Pakistan December 27, 2007

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The New York Times was premature, printing the “notable deaths of 2007”

before the year was over, not leaving room for today’s lightning rod:

that Bhutto went down in Pakistan.

We’ve come to expect a violent world as much as we expect The New York Times

to get it wrong, so the world has tilted by degrees away from us, out of our hands.

It rolls across the floor of the universe we thought we knew, had figured it all out.

Bhutto was my age, born just a few months ahead of me and to a perspective

largely unknown to me until world affairs were delivered to me by the Pakistanis, Russians and Chinese I met in my college years that made my orb suddenly much bigger and out of control than the flat-earth of sheltered suburban American youth.

Bhutto knew what I never could, twice a prime minister and I couldn’t get elected to school board, though twice I tried, there’s just something the public trusts about some and never others, so the trails couldn’t be more different, yet I can’t understand my sorrow for this thing, maybe it’s because of all the Pakistanis I know here who fled,

not lacking love of country, but loving security and order more. She brought moments of peace and prosperity and that was good but she was needed more now but this is the moment of Islamofacists and peace is not their agenda, women leading is not in their Taliban bin of rules and regulations so they take out any daring woman, any and quick.

I fear for Pakistan but I don’t think it will spin out or splinter like eastern Europe.

I just find myself sick for the suffering, and hot for the evil face of the enemy.



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