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I prayed for Neil Young yesterday December 26, 2007

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I prayed for Neil Young yesterday but I don’t know why he came to mind, maybe his Chrome Dreams weighed heavy on me, maybe I thought he might be driving his pick up truck straight to hell, or maybe it’s because none of the wealth and fame covers the pain of this life and he sees no hand of God at work. So, I prayed that his blindness be healed.

I don’t pretend to instruct old Shakey, Lynyrd Skynyd tried that long ago and failed,  but they made a few dollars together during their walk on the beach. Hey, hey, my, my, it was the Seventies, filled with burned out, drugged up musicians, no spare change, no real feeling for Alabama from Canadians or any others from the outside. Money made it right.

I prayed for Neil Young yesterday because I can’t afford to see him, if he comes off the ranch in California where he’s enjoyed a life of observing Americans as an immigrant, I can’t buy the tickets to see the show, the common man is priced out of his market nowadays, but I can buy a CD now and then, or download a song or two, to see if his heart of gold has been broken, if he might believe in salvation or redemption, but, I don’t know, I haven’t seen it yet. I guess certain men must keep the hard edges even when the shadow of their own mortality begins to overtake them.



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