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Pulling Teeth December 13, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, Uncategorized.

Anchored, aren’t we all, whether we choose to admit it,

whether its in a contemporary or traditional way, we’re all


Like the wisdom tooth that is laying nearly horizontal

and we are urged by the science, by the biology, to have it

removed, but it is anchored, and the decision does not rest

with the science, the biology, it rests with pulling up the anchor.

So, the quirky poet is no different than the pedantic Wall Street

broker or fifth grade teacher in this: they are all anchored.

Spouses, jobs, commitments, cars, money, kids, fetishes,

all anchors designed to keep you in place, immovable,

nearly sterile or impotent, regardless of down-playing and

denial, all of us have this anchor.

Inertia is her maiden name and she is not so distant a relative

from Want and Need as we’d like to believe,

as Dickens presented to Scrooge by his Ghost of the Present.

But we laugh, we must, we pass it off and we continue down that

path with ruts worn so perfectly for comfort, however bad things

might seem, they are comfortable, so we hug our anchors,

not matter how cold and heavy and fixed to a rocky shore or the bottom

of a vast ocean or lake, we hug our anchors simply because they are ours.



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