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October 1964 Remembered December 8, 2007

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Walking across Grand Avenue at Dodier Street,

St. Louis, October 1964, and the cacophony rises

along with the smell of red hots and the smoke

of patrons, having yet to hear the surgeon general’s

arguments, and, besides, this is baseball, not

health class, not time to focus on tomorrow,

this is the World Series, where today dictates

tomorrow and everything hangs in the balance

with every pitch, with every crack of the bat, with

every ball fielded or misplayed, in or out.

Dad loves this team and so do I only I don’t remember

the glory days of the 30s and 40s or most of the

dog days of the 50s, having only recently come into

any realization of how important baseball is to life,

at least to life here in the Mound City.

The Arch had its creepers along its sides and next

October is a century away from this moment

so we set aside this feat of human capacity to see

if Ford or Sadecki would rule this day.

Would Mantle’s bad legs keep him from hitting?

Is there room for Brock to steal ’em blind?

So many questions and so little time to answer them all.

Then, I’m abruptly brought back from my daydreaming

as Dad firmly grabs the top of my head to point me to the

gate, we’re actually going in, right now, the World Series,

right now.

I didn’t ask how a stevedore could afford these tickets or

where he could have possibly got them from.

It’s not a kids job to worry, not here, not now.

You just go where your head is pointed and thank God

for the pleasure of this crowd, this Father, this game.


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