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Jackals November 14, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry, Uncategorized.

If these were ancient times would we be chased

by dragons or wolves or packs of unruly giant men?

Would we be able to breathe without looking

over our shoulders for the next calamity to befall us?

Is the armor enough or too heavy and are we bogged

down trying to defend ourselves and forgetting to

push on to the next field, the next village, the next shelter?

When we are ground down, strength sapped, and arms

too weak to hold or hold off, from where will deliverance

come, or should we not bother thinking of it at all?

Middle ages or middle earth, it’s real enough

with its torn, wet garments and shoeless feet,

so where do we go for warmth and dry?

And it is a barren orb, if it isn’t flat, if the science

is good, but how can you tell and how can you know

when you’re too fascinated by fiction to discern truth?

Hold me up, then, and I will follow, for as surely as night

covers day, where will we find security, where is the peace?

And the animals once too timid to confront us now are like rabid

dogs and where is the antidote to their poisons, their ripping teeth?

The life we once had, we thought we cherished, it slipped away

and who were the jackals that took her, devoured her?



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