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Dead prayer November 11, 2007

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One of the things that happens when you cross from

Roman Catholic to Protestant is you cease praying for the dead.

There is a simplicity to the Protestant way that makes it

clear: Christ died once for all and no other compensation

is needed, the dead, having made their choices during life,

are saved by grace through faith, if they were believers,

and if not, hell shouldn’t be too hot for their eternity.

If Jesus is compensation enough then prayers for the

dead are pointless, a truly futile ritual.

If Jesus isn’t sufficient compensation for our sins

then what is the difference between the saved and unsaved?

There’s none and we, all of us, are permanently lost.

I understand the Catholic position to the extent that

they want to help those who “aren’t quite there yet”

when they die, to give loved ones reason for hope

for the nearly repentant or the almost convinced.

Do you believe in the “seamless garment” of theology

regarding life issues? Whether it is prior to birth

or hastening death, man has no right to tread where

God has placed His hand? Don’t you agree?

If you disagree, can you still be a member in good standing

in the Roman Church? This is a hard thing for many.

Harder still is to claim the fundamental truths of Christianity

while setting aside the Christ’s substitutionary death for all

sin and substituting human “wisdom” for God-proclaimed fact.

Praying for the dead is helpful only if Christ was not enough.

But, it is only helpful if God allows the spirits of the dead to be helped

and I find no proof of that so I have to ask on what authority

can you pray for the dead and hope for the outcome you desire?



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