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Last of October October 31, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry, Uncategorized.

It is the last of October, off-handed, a little cooler than Labor Day

but not Thanksgiving when snow makes you forget summer.

The costumed apparitions like to cast shadows on the door

but they don’t much like giving a trick for their treat

and I suppose that might defeat the spirit of the whole thing.

Dust devils outside, dust bunnies inside, it’s a sneezy thing either way

and in this twilight before the doorbell occupies the night

with those things that go bump in the night that I usually disregard.

While I’ve told you, and often, about this holiday based on

deception and off-putting sights and sounds you insist on participation.

You insistent on it and I am appalled, elbows on knees, head in hands

appalled but I have to laugh when I raise up at how silly I act.

So do you. So do you. Since still they come and we feed the beast.



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