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Second Life Avatars October 11, 2007

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In that virtual world is something called Second Life

and the concept is as old as boredom and infidelity.

The man who is husband to two wives, two sets of kids,

two sets of families, and nothing at all virtual about it.

It is a marvel of cunning and deception to be sure,

but should avatars be directed to play the horrors

of an unthinkable life we wouldn’t live here and now, really?

Would your husband of thirty years understand your urge

to be a voracious hooker online when you’ve been twenty years ice cold?

Does your wife, mother of your three children, know your need for

a conquest with every virtual teenager you can buy a drink for,

boy or girl, with your real money, from your retirement fund no less?

It makes gambling on sports look so passe, the idle past time of the

careless, thoughtless, or both, or worse.

“It’s easy to judge,” the blogger says to the man behind the avatar,

“I’m deceiving my audience with an alias and they can judge the writing

as they will without physical intrigue or emotional entanglement.”

“The judgment on you,” he continues, “Is that of lost time, lost money,

drifting into relationships that aren’t real, pure fabrication, then slipping

down that slope of believing they are as real as your spouse, your job,

your possessions.” The avatar puppet-master is nonplussed and waves

off that foolishness never dignifying it with a retort or even a thought.

Who could possibly understand, he thinks, until he has done it himself,

pompous asses and prudes taking the moral high ground for what?

But regardless of what one thinks there is a right and wrong,

a black and white necessary to harmony and balance,

and an avatar can run amok just like the drunk with too much liquor,

the gambler with too much debt, and the embezzler with too much

guilt to keep it quiet for too long and when it comes out,

step away from the deluge, it will be heavy and wet and messy.

In that virtual world is something called Second Life

and the concept is as old as boredom and infidelity.

How can this possibly be missed by the enlightened rogues?



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