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October First October 1, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry, Uncategorized.

Life is new in October, I’ve always told myself,

the crisp air, even if it can’t be called Fallish,

the breeze ever-present even without a storm brewing,

and that growing darker earlier lends itself to the excuse

for reading and writing and generally staying in.

Today was more like Indian Summer, that mythical stage

between hot and cold, between sun warmth and moonlit chill.

Kids were laughing and screaming, the street football had begun and

even if the teenagers took over, the little ones still had the chance to run,

and they did, they ran and screamed all the more.

They’ve come to label what I have, like they label everything,

a seasonal affective disorder, well, I don’t know about that

but I know less sunlight means less confidence, less comfort,

so if you are on your guard at night, you are on your guard longer.

It’s hard to demystify something that was never a mystery:

this sense of awareness that the world turns, the world tilts,

and the seasons cause gravity to pull you a certain direction.

And if you didn’t prepare, if it came upon you unexpected,

then, you maybe found yourself too low to climb back up.

Maybe you found yourself where you least expected.



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