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Bystander September 24, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry, Uncategorized.

I saw the naked bleeding, I stood by the curb and stared
Like any lame pedestrian, I stood by the curb and stared
I had no practice in me that could stop bleeding
No sense about me except to call 9-1-1
Even then I stayed a skeptic, stoic, dark and brooding
The turmoil swirling around me
Should cease with the drop of a word
There was no pause for Christmas, this differed in it was deep winter
The streets were harder and colder
Why do the naked lay on their sides laughing
When we, the fully clothed, possess the answers
Why do the naked stand smiling
Like they understand the truth in misdirection
There were words exchanged in a corridor, whispered then spoken then louder
There was a misunderstanding about football or money or cars
This was an odd occurrence
To those who do not recognize
Shadowy images in the daylight are businessmen in various degree of disrobe
Dress you down to dress me up
Dress you down to dress me up
You can take Robert’s Rules Of Order, if ever a thing like it ever did exist
Toss it to the naked bleeding
It’s their life jacket in a moment like this
Carolers will carol and thieves will rob
Brave men will hail their own courage
The crushed will grovel in grief
This is the difference for the naked man bleeding
Those crushed by grief will lift him up
Those spat upon and despised will give comfort
It is first on their lips for they know the greatest need of mercy

To the naked man laughing it is meaningless to explain how your great expanding mind
Devours sweeping vistas of language
The naked man laughing stands defenseless with no testimonial of his own
But his brothers know his face, they politely stay away
Finally like any pedestrian I stand on the curb speechless and stare



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